Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane. . .

That's Me. . .In 1986 or so when I was just a young recruit patroling the
Sunken Road at Antietam. I never would have thought then that 20 years later I would be a Park Ranger, interpreting Bloody Lane and other aspects of the Battle of Antietam.

I apologize for getting off the topic of the 48th PA for today's post, and forgive me for being a little indulgent here, but I found these old photographs and I just had to share. I was visiting with my family today in Orwigsburg, and finding these pictures brought back a ton of good memories when I would don the Union Blue and fight imaginary Rebels in the woods and fields behind my house, doing my part to save the Union at the Battle of Orwigsburg.

Guard Duty
Even some Billy Yanks went shoeless. . .and yes, that is a real musket but not of the Civil War
(It didn't fire, of course)

Rebel Skirmish Line Spotted!
Poppin' Away at Secesh. . .
Like Manassas, some well-to-do Orwigsburg Civilians came out to Witness the Battle
(That's my sister Angie)

Rare Outdoor Civil War CDV of Union Soldier, Two Belles, and the Soldier's Trusted Dog, Sugar
(A similar one sold on ebay recently for $395.00)

At Gettysburg with my sister. . .(I was serving then with those Red-Legged Devils of the 14th Brooklyn)

". . . There will be one Vacant Chair."
Fast-forward to October 2006. . .at Antietam, explaining the struggle for Burnside Bridge

My Family. . .who made it all possible and helped make a dream come true
(Left to Right: Brother-in-Law Greg, Mom Colleen, me, Wife Laura, Dad Dave, and Sister Angie)

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James McCorry said...

I too became a civil warrior when I was in 4th grade and received a book as a gift. Your web site is excellant. I e-mailed you previously about General Nagle and the biography you intend to do on him. My wife and I will be in gettysburg May . i want to come to Antietam and meet you and take photos by Generals Statue. Can I get copies of what the park files have on the 48th? Please reply to me at again James McCorry Palatine, Illinois