Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TMI. . .?

Well, the culprit has been discovered. Turns out I have a severe case of strep throat. I've been put on a host of prescription meds, and now my coffee table looks like the inside of Anna Nicole Smith's purse.
I'll be back updating when I'm feeling better. . .


Jenny said...

You think YOU have a collection that would make Anna Nicole jealous? You should see the impressive and expensive stash I have acquired as a cancer patient. I hope you feel better soon!

John David Hoptak said...

Hi Jenny~
Thanks for the well-wishes. . .
I am a fan and admirer of yours; keep up the good fight! I'm updating my links to include your site.

Raymond said...

Hello John,

I pray you are feeling better, and I enjoy reading your blog. I also envy you for the work you do at Antietam National Battlefield.

Take care and my God bless.


John David Hoptak said...

Hello Ray~
Thank you for the kind words and for your well-wishes. I am, indeed, feeling better this morning.
Have a wonderful day. . .

John Mattre said...

Hi again John; sorry you are feeling poorly. I checked your blog when contemplating my next visit to Antietam. I saw that you posted the schedule for the 'anniversary' and I was wondering if you are going to do present anything with regard to the 48th PVI.
Also, has the talk by Ed Bearrs been filed. I would love to hear him in person.
Take care of yourself and feel better.

John Mattre (great grand nephew of Lt James May of the 48th PVI)

John David Hoptak said...

Hi John~
Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, I was unable to persuade those at the park to do a special program on the 48th PA. I'll be doing the battlefield tours and helping out on the hikes. And yes, there is still some room left for the Ed Bearss presentation. It's Friday, September 14, and to schedule your spot (s), you need to call (301) 432-5124 and ask to put your name down. Although Ed will be presenting on the generalship of R.E. Lee at Antietam, the REAL reason for his visit is to help celebrate my 29th Birthday, which is on the same day!
Hope to see you there!