Friday, September 7, 2007

The Cornfield Trail Brochure. . .Now Available

America's Civil War Battlefields all seemingly have some sort of easily recognized and distinguished location or historical landmark(s). There's the Stone House at Bull Run, and the Hornet's Nest at Shiloh. Chancellorsville's got Catherine's Furnace and Fredericksburg, Marye's Heights. At Gettysburg, students of the war are well-familiar with Little Round Top, Devil's Den, The Peach Orchard, The Wheatfield, and that little Copse of Trees. The Mule Shoe is at Spotsylvania. And Cemetery Hill. . .well, you'll find a Cemetery Hill at most battlefields.
For a twelve-hour long battle, Antietam got more than its fair share. The Dunker Church, the Sunken Road (Bloody Lane), Burnside Bridge, and, of course, The Cornfield.
Today, available for the first time, you can pick up a copy of the Cornfield Trail Guide Brochure, a sixteen-page, full-color brochure that helps explain the action that occurred in David R. Miller's 24-acre field of corn at Antietam. Published by the Western Maryland Interpretive Association (WMIA), and designed and authored by Ranger Keith Snyder, the Cornfield Trail Guide Brochure is available for purchase at the Antietam Museum Store. And at less than two bucks, how can you go wrong?

So next time you're at Antietam, pick up your copy and walk in the footsteps of those Union and Confederate soldiers who battled in the Cornfield some 145 years ago. And stay tuned for more upcoming full-color brochures focusing on the West Woods, and the Union Attacks against the Burnside Bridge, which I helped write earlier this summer.

(P.S. The Photo Above is of the brochure situated against atop one of my bookshelves. . .My wife recently decorated our place for the Fall Season, and I thought the brochure would look appropriate against this backdrop. Especially since it is framed in National Park Service green. . .But my wife will be the first to tell you that I am not much of an interior decorator).

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Thanks for the heads-up on the availability of these new brochures. These have been anticipated for some time.

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