Saturday, April 12, 2008

Test Your Civil War IQ. . .

OK. . .so here's the challenge:
Which two of the nine fellas pictured above, who were present at Fort Sumter, were also present at Appomattox when General Lee surrendered, nearly four years to the day later?
Good luck. . .


mannie said...


Guy sitting, center left is Colonel Wix Bigbee, inventor of the bagel (he's holding prototype). Although he was not present at Sumter, he knew a guy from South Carolina. He was, however at Lee's surrender.

Guy sitting, center right, is Lt Col, Don O'Wannabe. He was at both events, but was sidelined for much of the war due to the sword that was imbedded in his shoulder for the remainder of his life.

Please join me in saluting the service of these fine Yankee soldiers.


Do I win?... and what do I win?

mannie said...

And just what in the heck is Doubleday doing with that sword!!?


Anonymous said...

Robert Anderson!