Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coming soon. . .

. . .a story about a rare First Defenders' Medal, plus a few images of "Bike Week" here in Gettysburg. Look for these posts later this week.


James said...

Hi John David,
I admit to being one who found you from Blogs of Note. However, there is much to read here of interest for me. I am a wargamer and have always had a small interest in the ACW although I do not know much about it.
I will definitely look in again.

Opinionated said...

Hi John,

Even though I am not an American and don't know much about the American civil war, I found your blog to be quite interesting reading.

I shall try to read as much of your blog as possible. Hope you are successful in raising all the funds you need for your endeavor

Elina said...

Very nice! Just spent a couple of days in Gettysburg for the anniversary... Love it!

Donald Felstead said...

It was very exciting for me to discover your blog. As an active civil war reenactor on the Donaldsonville Artillary of the 10th Louisiana Voluntary Infantry for over 16 years I am interested in all facets of that war.
You should be very proud of your blog, it is attractive and informative. Keep up the good work! Don Felstead

Anonymous said...

No John!!! I am just recovering from Bike Week. Its difficult to convey the finer points and drama of Pickett's Charge over the roar of dozens of motor-sickles.

Having said that, those bikers are some pretty nice people. Always very courteous and polite and interesting to talk to.

John C. Nicholas