Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hits & Pageloads

Well, I was just a little bit surprised yesterday when after getting home from work I noticed the number of hits on this site almost doubled in one day. . .
I thought something was wrong, maybe some kind of virus, but then discovered that Blogger had recognized this site as their "Blogs of Note" for the day, just a link from Blogger's homepage.
Since I added a stat counter on June 6, I have been averaging 100 or so hits per day. But yesterday, no less than 2,851. And as of 7:00 this morning, I have over 800 for today. As you can see from the Visitor Map on the left-hand column, these hits have come from all over the world. And the Comments have been pouring in as well. . .while some have been very complimentary, most of them, as you might imagine, are from owners of blogs or websites--all of them non-Civil War, or even history related--hoping to post links to their sites in my comments section. Of course, I do not approve or post such "comments."
I have to admit, while I am happy and pleasantly surprised to see this site recognized by Blogger as a "Blog of Note," it is somewhat odd for me to see so many hits within just a day and half.

I just hope everyone keeps coming back!


jillsartwork said...

I grew up in PA and my parents are huge into civil war stuff I go and take photos to paint from. I'm planning some civil war series in the near future. Glad I found this today!


R2K said...

Wouldnt those numbers mean it more than doubled?

MovieWatchingFamily said...

I admit I clicked over from Blogs of Notes. I'm definitely sharing your blog with my son though. We attended a Civil War re-enactment in Huntington Beach area and he is fascinated with history - US and World. (Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take him to anymore re-enactments but hopefully one day)

You definitely have a nice blog.

IndiaVed said...

Well ...your blog and posts are for good cause. i,e for Soldiers hence you are posted at blogger and now getting so much visitors from all over the world....

people support the noble work. I am sure you will get enough for the martyrs Lt.

John David Hoptak said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and compliments. . .

I do hope you enjoy my blog.


Chief Sequatchie said...

Hi, I found your blog from the Blogs of Note section and will be adding your blog to my civil war folder in my bookmarks. I consider myself to be a very amateur historian in the civil war mostly from the Confederate perspective as well as on the European theater of WWII.

I just recently started a blog/info site on the local High School football team but I added a link to one of my favorite military discussion sites as well as link to the CWPT of which I am a member in Links section of my blog. So that hopefully someone my learn something about American history and maybe they will want to preserve it.

mannie said...

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Administrator said...

I'll be back when I have more time!

Anonymous said...

great post!

Brett Schulte said...


Congrats on your listing as one of Blogger's featured blogs! LOL. If I saw 2,800+ hits in one day I'd have been thinking Turkish or Russian spammers or a virus too! Civil War blogs, no matter how well written, just don't have the fanbase the political and sports blogs do! Speaking of, I'm going to have to start working on that Libertarian blog on the side after my TOCWOC posts each day...


Rachel H. said...

I just saw your blog on the blods of note section and was immediately drawn to it because we JUST came back from Gettysburg 2 days ago! What a wonderful trip--I can't wait to settle in and read your blog more in depth! You have so much good info to share and I can't wait to learn it~