Friday, October 24, 2008

Who are these fellas. . .?

As you know, I am an avid collector of 48th Pennsylvania items, especially those little cartes-de-visties. Although I have but 20 or so, I still like to think that I have great collection. Several weeks ago, I was searching a very popular Internet auction site and came across the following two unidentified CDV's:
Call it a hunch, but I somehow knew that these guys were, indeed, 48th PA soldiers. There is a good chance at least that they were. Here's some of my reasoning: They were put up by the same seller, and it is apparent that the two images came from the same album. They were both cropped to fit into a CDV album, and whoever did the cutting, well, in his/her infinite wisdom, snipped off the soldiers' names! As you can see, only the tops of the names remain. For the bottom of the two pictures, though, I think with a little investigation I can figure out the name. Also, these images were both snapped at the Elrod Brothers Photographers studio in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. The 48th was on provost duty in Lexington for over six months during the summer of 1863; they had little to do, it seems, but get pictures made, and I have in my collection several that were taken in the very same studio. . .with the very same podium and very same flag. Another big hint is the top fellow's Burnside sideburns. Since the 48th served under Burnside for most of the war, and since they loved the man, many adopted the general's trademark whiskers.
Perhaps I will never be able to identify these guys with 100% certainty, but the price was right and they are now a part of my collection. I have them next to their supposed comrades in the 48th. If anyone recognizes these any of these two fellas as their great-great whatever, and if that great-great whatever served in the 48th. . .do drop me a line.

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