Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who was Lawton referring to. . .?

Here's a quick trivia question. . .
Which well-known Civil War figure was Confederate General Alexander Lawton referring to when he wrote the following?
"[He] holds himself as the god of war, giving short, sharp commands distinctly, rapidly and decisively, without consultation or explanation, and disregarding suggestions and remonstrances. Being himself absolutely fearless. . .he goes ahead on his hook, asking no advice and resenting interference. He places no value on human life, caring for nothing so much as fighting, unless it be praying. Illness, wounds and all disabilities he defines as inefficiency and indications of a lack of patriotism. Suffering from insomnia, he often uses his men as a sedative, and when he can't sleep calls them up, marches them out a few miles; then marches them back. He never praises his men for gallantry, because it is their duty to be gallant and they do not deserve credit for doing their duty."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Stonewall Jackson to me.

John C. Nicholas

Jeff said...


I gonna guess good ol' Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

Sounds about right.

By the way, I enjoy your blog - please keep up the good work!


badgervan said...

Gotta be Stonewall.