Monday, January 12, 2009

Let Me Direct Your Attention. . .

. . .to a brand new Civil War blog, launced by friend and Antietam Battlefield Guide Jim Rosebrock. Jim is a lifelong student of military history, with a particular interest in the study of the Battle of Antietam. And, like myself, Jim has an especially strong interest in Civil War biographies. Since I first met Jim last year, we have had many a lengthy and in depth discussion about the minutae of Antietam and of those figures lost in the historical shadows.
I have posted a link to Jim's blog under my links list. You would do well to make his site a regular stop on your sojourns through the Civil War blogosphere.

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Jim Rosebrock said...

Thank you so kindly for mentioning my blog here on your site. I look forward to being an active member of the civil war blogging community and hopefully my interest in the sayings and lives of the soldiers will complement other blogs out there. Thanks again.