Thursday, February 19, 2009

Antietam Battlefield Scavenger Hunt---Online

Tens of thousands of kids visit the Antietam Battlefield each year. Many do so as part of a school or scout group on a field trip, and while groups come in from all over the country, most come from schools or academies in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Many others are simply traveling along with their families either on vacation or "just passing through."
Last year, in an effort to further our youngsters' understanding of both the battle and the battlefield, I developed a series of "Battlefield Scavenger Hunts," five in total number. One is general overview hunt, designed for kids no matter where they hail from, while the other four were designed specifically for students from Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
This week, the general overview Battlefield Scavenger Hunt was uploaded to the park's website. (See here).
So if you plan on visiting the Park and bringing along the kids, print out the scavenger hunt or simply request a copy at the Visitor's Center.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many find that sixth mortuary cannon? They should get a bonus if they do.

John C. Nicholas

Michael Lynch said...

That's a fantastic idea for a program, and one other NPS sites should adopt.