Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gettysburg's Deleted Scenes

I'm a fan of the movie Gettysburg, the fake beards notwithstanding. I was 14 years old when the it first came out. My parents took me to see it several times in the theaters, and I watched its television premiere on TNT a year or so later. It played on TNT once during a Super Bowl, so I watched it yet again only this time, I couldn't help but notice that the film was longer, with scenes deleted from the theatrical release. That was the only time I saw those clips. . .until now, thanks to youtube and member rob9641 who uploaded nine of those deleted scenes. Some are a little odd, some laughable (especially the second clip where Lee (Sheen) explains to Taylor why his soldiers must conduct themselves like gentlemen in Pennsylvania as opposed to those Yankees while in Virginia), and some are alright (I was glad to see Ewell get a little face-time).
Anyway, grab some popcorn and enjoy. . .

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, thank you for the great video clips!

Chris Gwinn said...

I haven't seen these clips in years! The Gettysburg Civilians were particularly amusing / bad I thought.

Where are all those deleted scenes from Gods and Generals? Didn't they film an entire segment on the Battle of Antietam?

Jared Frederick said...

I found these about a month ago and posted them on Military History Online. I had seen them on TNT too but didn't know they were online until then. Great stuff!

And yes, there are Antietam scenes from G&G. I saw about a five minute bootleg clip of it several years ago. The opening scenes has Lincoln narrating a speech while troops move into the Miller Cornfield. I hate to say it, but the Antietam scenes were the best combat ones in the movie. There were much pyrotechnics and guys flying in the air. Even the cornstalks fell in half when a volley was fired. Very cool stuff! The scene concluded with Lee saying, "Pour it into them Revered" to Pendleton. Lee then comes upon his son in the battery.

We are still waiting for the cut Maxwell!!

Stu Richards said...

Hey John Great scenes I remember the one shown with Sam Elliott. I had the pleasure of spending three weeks making the film I was a member of the Co. C 5th U.S. Avowed lived in a Cavalry camp along with Sam Elliott who spent his evenings with us. What a great guy and true historian. He constantly praised us, as a matter of fact he said in all his films he never rode with a better group of horseman than what we portrayed that was a compliment. He was always open to suggestions on authenticity etc. And I can’t forget to say how much of a great Guy Buck Taylor was also, a real true cowboy and fabulous horseman. Now Martin Sheen on the other hand was, a pompous AH and to much into himself. Oh yea we all laughed at him as to how afraid of the horses he was. Most of his mounted scenes somebody was holding the bridle. Anyway great shots.


Anonymous said...

Wow these would have added a lot to the movie. Too bad. They should have taken out some of the speeches and plugged these in. Did Pickett insult Longstreet by calling the Suffolk Campaign a "piddling affair"?

John C. Nicholas

Chris Evans said...

Thanks for posting these deleted scenes. I am a fan of the movie 'Gettysburg' just like you. I know everyone has to go through the litany of faults fakes beards, too many speeches, too long, not enough gore, etc. before saying wheter they like it or not but I still enjoy the movie. I have seen it many times over the years and find it very faithful to the novel. The deleted scenes should have been kept in the movie. I think they add to it and why worry about length, anyway?

The performance of Jeff Daniels as Chamberlain is incredibly awesome and should have been nominated for an Academy award. I enjoyed greatly the acting of Tom Berenger (yes even with the beard plus Berenger would on to to play a great Teddy Roosevelt), Sam Elliott made a great Buford, Richard Jordan as Armistead was great and even Martin Sheen as Lee was entertaining. I loved the music by Edelman. Again, I know the faults but I still like the movie.

Thanks again for posting,
Chris Evans

P.S. Hopefully we will see an epic version of 'The Last Full Measure' someday. Lee vs. Grant ,if done right, would be THE MOVIE!

Chris Evans said...

I forgot to mention also that Jeff Daniels also made a convincing George Washington in 'The Crossing'. I recommend that movie to American history lovers also. I find it fascinating that two actors from 'Gettysburg' would go on to play historical US presidents in two different movies: Berenger as Roosevelt in 'Rough Riders' and Daniels in 'The Crossing' as Washington.

Thanks again,

Mannie Gentile said...


A fantastic excuse to neglect my homework.

I salute you sir!


Anonymous said...

Watch it John or you'll end up tutoring Mannie.

John C. Nicholas

John David Hoptak said...

As long as he pays. . .