Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Know A Lot About Antietam? or Do You Want To Know More?

Then pick up a copy of my new Antietam trivia booklet, titled, well, Antietam Trivia: Questions, Answers, and Little Known Facts About The Civil War's Bloodiest Single Day Battle. I put together more than 150 questions dealing with the campaign, battle, and aftermath. . .but this is much more than a simple question-and-answer book. Following each answer, you will find an additional Did You Know. . .? feature filled with little known facts and anecdotes, all meant to increase your understanding of the battle. The questions range in level of difficulty from the general (When was the battle of Antietam fought?) to the obscure (Which Confederate brigade commander was a distant descendant of the founder of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?), which means that this little book is suitable for both the beginning student of the battle as well as the buff.
Hopefully, the book will be soon be available at the Antietam Museum Store but for right now, you can order it online, through Print On Demand (POD) technology. I went with LuLu and am hoping it does not disappoint.
So, whether you are a beginner or a buff, if you want to learn more about Antietam or if you want to show off how much you already know, click here.
I apologize for the shameless plug, but did I mention that this would make a great gift?

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