Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Great Book On A Little-Known Battle

Now that my latest book, Our Boys Did Nobly, has finally "hit the shelves," I am back to refocusing on my Antietam Commanders project. These past few weeks had me studying the Fifth Corps' actions during the Maryland Campaign, with most of my attention on brigade commanders James Barnes, Charles Griffin, and Thomas B.W. Stockton. Although not engaged at Antietam, these units, especially Barnes's brigade, participated in the battle's rather forgotten post-script at Shepherdstown. I thus took the opportunity to re-read Thomas McGrath's excellent study, Shepherdstown: Last Clash of the Antietam Campaign, September 19-20, 1862. Published by Schroeder Publications in late 2007, this is truly a great book. Richly illustrated with photographs and maps, and at only 200 or so pages, this is a quick read, and a real page-turner. McGrath presents not only a clear tactical explanation of the fight, but great insights into the commanders who participated in the battle, as well as the impact of the Maryland Campaign on the people of Shepherdstown, (West) Virginia. McGrath's writing style is simply superb, and his work is meticulously researched. Shepherdstown is a welcome addition to the growing body of work on the Maryland Campaign, and I cannot recommend it too highly.

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Jim Rosebrock said...

Looking forward to acquiring your book when I am back in town. The Shepherdstown work is also on my to read list.