Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Website Focuses on Petersburg Campaign

Brett Schulte of TOCWOC fame has launched a new website sure to interest any student of the Civil War. Beyond The Crater focuses on the ten-month-long Petersburg Campaign, which lasted from June 1864-April 1865. As Brett states is in his introductory page, "Beyond the Crater is an information compilation site focusing on the Siege of Petersburg during the American Civil War." The 48th Pennsylvania Infantry was present for every single day of this campaign and although best known for digging the Petersburg Mine, they also suffered heavy losses during some of the campaign's many battles, including the assaults of June 15-17, 1864, Poplar Grove Church, and during the Final Breakthrough on April 2, 1865, where the regiment's colonel, George Gowen, was killed among many others. Head on over, and have a look. . .

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