Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say What. . .? [Antietam Voices]

Jim Rosebrock, a volunteer and Battlefield Guide at Antietam Battlefield, is a friend of mine who shares an interest in the lives of America's Civil War commanders. You can sometimes find us behind the Visitor Center desk talking at great length about the most minute detail of the most obscure officers; their careers on and off the field and their relationships with another. Over the years, Jim has taken this interest one step further; he scours the books for any and every quote made by one Civil War commander about another, sometimes complimentary, other times. . .not so much. By last count, he had nearly 1,000 such quotes, categorized, labeled, etc, and now, he has begun the process of posting them online at his new blog titled Antietam Voices. As the title suggest, Jim's focus right now is on those officers associated with the fight along the Antietam. As he states on his blog: "I enjoy collecting notable contemporary quotations by and about the men of Antietam. These words often add a degree of color and character not found elsewhere in their stories. This blog is honors the words and deeds of these men and women, soldiers and civilians who lived through this battle."

I do encourage you to stop on by and see what these fellas thought and said about one another.

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