Monday, September 20, 2010

Antietam Farmsteads: A Guide To The Battlefield Landscapes

Another battle anniversary at Antietam has come and gone, and this one--my fifth as a Ranger--was one of the most memorable, for various reasons. I will soon be posting some photographs and some thoughts on a great weekend.

But before then, I want to direct your attention to an important new contribution to Antietam's ever-growing historiography. At 144 pages, Antietam Farmsteads: A Guide To The Battlefield Landscape hit the shelves this anniversary weekend. For any student of the battle, this is a must. For anyone hoping to learn more about a Civil War battle's impact on the community, this is also a must. The book was written by two of Antietam's most talented Park Rangers and two super-cool guys: Keven Walker and K.C. Kirkman (and also features a forward by Ed Bearss and an introduction by Ted Alexander). Walker and Kirkman are not only exceptional Rangers, they are preservationists par excellence and their knowledge of the battle, the farmsteads, and their passion for preserving our history come shining through in this new book. Antietam Farmsteads examines eleven of the most important--and most memorable--farms located on the Antietam battlefield, and not only discusses their history before and after the battle, but also explains the battle, farmstead-by-farmstead. Within the pages of Walker and Kirkman's work, you will discover more about such places as the Joseph Poffenberger and Samuel Mumma farm, as well as those belonging to William Roulette, Henry Piper, Joseph Sherrick, John Otto, Philip Pry, and others, and each of their roles in the battle. You will also learn more about the families that resided in these farmsteads.

I cannot recommend this book enough. . . click here to order your copy directly from the Antietam Museum Store.

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Purchased and read Antietam Farnsteads. This is a must have for any Antietam Library. Also sad to hear of Dr. Harsh passing. He was really nice. Met him 2002 on Antietam Tour. He and Rev. John Schildt were nice enough to take a photo with me. Ive always considered these men to be the top scholars on Antietam. James McCorry