Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The Conspirator" Trailer. . .

[Hat tip to my buddy Jared Frederick]

This April 15. . .yes, the anniversary of President Lincoln's death and a Friday no less. . .The Conspirator will hit the theaters. I'm sure this is already old news, but last year was so crazy that I am just now getting caught up with these kind of things.

The focus seems to be on Mary Surratt, played by Princess Buttercup. . .I mean, Robin Wright. I will be interested to see how she is portrayed, as a victim or a villain. In my estimation, she was as guilty, as the old saying goes, as the day is long, but we'll see how she come across on screen.

Her defense attorney is played by Tom Wilkinson. He's been good in just about everything, as Lord Cornwallis, Benjamin Franklin, etc.


Anonymous said...

The question is John, will the film do justice to history?

John C. Nicholas

Mary said...

Ahh! I freaked out when I saw this. It's high time another Civil War movie was made! I'm so excited for it!!!