Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well, I just finished the final keystrokes on my Presbyterian Cemetery Self-Guided Walking Tour. It is a sixteen-page brochure, which includes a map and the biographies of eleven Civil War soldiers buried within the cemetery. I now plan to run some copies of it, save it to CD, and send it to Mr. Tom Shay of the Schuylkill County Civil War Round Table & Discussion Group. Tom said he will convert it to a pdf file and post it on his Schuylkill County in the Civil War website for downloading. We also intend to place many, many copies of it throughout Schuylkill County, including at the cemetery itself. So if you are in the area and want to take a trek through this historic graveyard, I'd say wait a few weeks and it should all be ready to go. I'll let you know when Tom has it uploaded on his site.
Now, on to the next project. . .


Michael Aubrecht said...

Excellent. I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I received the brochure and CD last Friday. I will show it at tonight's meeting of our Church Trustees and get their thoughts.

I'll see you Saturday when my Gettyburg CWRT tour comes to Antietam.

Tom Shay

Anonymous said...

At Pottsville's Memorial Day parade, I spoke with Leo Haley about getting some funding from Veterans Assoc to publish the cemetery brochure. He said if I get him a cost estimate, he will get me some help.

I am off work on Friday (6/1) and will get estimates.

I put key parts of the brochure into PowerPoint and showed it before Sunday's church service, getting many fine comments.

Tom Shay

Anonymous said...

The brochure is now online as PDF file via our CWRT website:


When converted from WORD to PDF, the graphics on page 1 and 2 blocked out the text, so I had to re-arrange them. Once the brochure goes to print, it will look much better!

Tom Shay