Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Lincoln On The Civil War"

Just in time for the 150th Anniversary of the outbreak of the American Civil War, Penguin Books has released Lincoln on the Civil War. This neat little keepsake book contains the full text of nine of Lincoln's most famous--and most treasured--speeches. Included within the pages of this handsomely clothed-bound book, one will find Lincoln's 1838 "Address to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois," his famed "House Divided Speech" of 1858 and, of course, his February 27, 1860 "Cooper Union" speech. Included also is Lincoln's speech delivered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on his way to Washington in February 1861, as well as the full texts of both Inaugural Addresses, the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address, and a speech on the topic of Reconstruction, delivered April 11, 1865, just three days before his assassination.

This is a useful, handy reference and I am willing to bet teachers will especially be glad to have this in their middle and high school classrooms. And at just $13.00, there is no going wrong.

Penguin writes:
"This well-rounded selection of Abraham Lincoln's finest speeches combines the classic and obscure, the lyrical and the historical, and the inspirational and intellectual to present a historical arc marking periods of the Civil War--crisis, outbreak, escalation, victory, and Reconstruction. Addressing the conflict's multiple aspects--the issue of slavery, state versus federal power, the meaning of the Constitution, civic duty, death, and freedom--this elegant keepsake collection will make a wonderful inspirational gift for professed Lincoln fans, Civil War buffs, and lovers of rhetorical genius."

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