Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Paucity Of Posts. . .

This past month has been the longest stretch in the four years since launching this blog in November 2006 that I have gone without a post! The reason is simple: I've spent all of my free time of late hammering away at my history of South Mountain.

In March, I signed a contract with the History Press to author a battle history of the September 14, 1862, fight at South Mountain as part of their Civil War Sesquicentennial Series. For a few months, all was on track, moving steadily along. Then life got in the way and things did not return to normal until late August. Since then, I have written three and a half chapters and am now pleased to say that the first-draft manuscript is complete! I was given 60,000 words; as of right now, I got 73,000. . .so I need to buckle down and cut the fat, so to speak.

The good news is I have until December 15 to submit the final manuscript, so there is time. If all goes well, then, look for South Mountain: September 14, 1862, sometime around June-July, 2011.