Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nagle Article on SHAF Web Site

Back in September, during the 145th Anniversary activities at Antietam, I was asked by Harry Smeltzer of Bull Runnings fame, to write a biographical sketch of Brigadier General James Nagle for the Save Historic Antietam Foundation (SHAF) newsletter.
The article is now available online at


Brian Downey said...

Lovely work, that piece is. Thanks for letting SHAF share it, John.

Anonymous said...

I gave Schuylkill County Historical Society a copy of your article for addition to their files.

Pottsville is planning a Civil War Day for June or July. They wish to include a tour of the Presbyterian Cemetery, so this will be the perfect kickoff for the brochure. Other events will include talks about local CW history, showing of some CW films (perhaps Gettysburg), etc. More later.

Tom Shay