Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog Turns Three

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It is a little hard to believe, but The 48th Pennsylvania Infantry blog turned three years old yesterday. I have had the greatest time keeping this site updated, and I look forward, hopefully, to many more years to come. In the months ahead, I plan on continuing to keep you all updated about my various projects, written or otherwise, which there are quite a few; to present the completion of the Nagle Sword and restoration of the 48th PA monument at Antietam as well as report on the rededication ceremony; and to get back on track, focusing more heavily on the boys of the 48th! I've received so many great new documents, letters, and especially photographs pertaining to the regiment that I can't wait to share.
Thanks to all my readers out there. . .you have made this an incredibly rewarding experience, and I do hope you'll keep coming back.