Friday, July 24, 2020

The Story of the Allison Brothers Told In July 2020 Issue of "America's Civil War."

Thank you to America's Civil War for featuring the story of Agnes Allison and her sons in the July 2020 issue. 

Please read about this story of service and sacrifice: A Mother's Sacrifice


Anonymous said...

Hello, just found your blog! I am a direct descendent of a soldier from the 48th! I have pretty much everything saved. Weapons, letters, uniforms, pay stubs...etc. Here is a quick gallery of a few of the things worth checking out!

John David Hoptak said...

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing the images from your 48th PA collection. Please reach out to me at johnhoptak at hotmail dot com. I would like to read more of your ancestor's letters, if possible!

Thanks again!